Hello, I’m Matt, fine purveyor of this blog. I’m an experienced hill walker, keen mountaineer and terrible rock climber with an enthusiasm for all things gear. This enthusiasm led me from my chemistry career path to join a research group specialising in performance clothing and technical textiles, and I recently completed a PhD in down feathers and their use in the outdoor industry, covering insulation, thermoregulation, and various aspects of mountaineering on the way. I now work for a major outdoor brand.

I’ve previously written articles for UKClimbing.com, have had work published in Yorkshire magazines, and once won my school merit award. This blog is my thoughts on the science behind gear, some gear reviews, and some stories of adventures I’ve been on. Any comments, particularly fervid praise, are welcome.

I have carried out consultancy work and testing for numerous outdoor equipment manufacturers and suppliers including Rab, Mountain Equipment, Berghaus, Paramo, Inov-8, Which Magazine, Go Outdoors, and Lyon Equipment. I have also written articles for outdoor websites and occasionally give talks to hiking clubs about exploring places like the Alps.

This is me. Hello.

I recently co-wrote a chapter on thermal comfort in an academic book. Here’s the book; sorry about the price…

Here are links to articles I have written for UKClimbing.com, the world’s most-read climbing website. One article is on the performance of waterproof-breathable fabrics, and two are about the science behind insulation and staying warm.




I am also a keen but fairly rubbish photographer. However, I have recently become dismayed with some pro photography and because the bar has dropped so low, I too am going to call myself a professional photographer and now have stuff for sale. If you would like to buy some of my mediocre (but on-par-with-the-new-average) photos then here is my online shop:


Legal/Copyright stuff:

  • All photos are Copyright Matthew Fuller unless otherwise stated.
  • All text and diagrams are Copyright Matthew Fuller.
  • Advice given on this website is from someone with no formal outdoor qualifications. I hold no SPA, ML, MIA or anything of that nature (unless Gold D of E counts for something). I am to be in no way responsible for any mishap that might occur as a result of following my advice.
  • The views presented here are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my past or present institution(s), employer(s), or anybody else.

If you would like to get in touch for work ideas, networking, to ask a question, or to suggest a blog post, please do get in touch (see ‘Contact’).


1 thought on “About

  1. “…and terrible rock climber with an enthusiasm for all things gear.”

    Ahh, an honest man who shares my obsession with shiny, expensive toys that let us risk our lives on harder climbs and in worse weather. I like what I’m seeing, I think I’ll be following your blog 🙂

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