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This is ground control – background and thoughts on the blog. My first post.

Waterproof fetishism – why waterproof jackets aren’t the most important thing in your outdoors wardrobe

How good am I…? – ever wondered how hill walking and hiking fits in, and how good you are at it? Find out here

Arc’teryx Theta AR jacket review – a gear review of one of the world’s better hardshells

How to wash and reproof waterproof breathable clothing – one of the most-read posts on the blog. Probably the best method you’ll find on the ‘net.

A rant on rucksacks – some notes on rucksack design features that I do and don’t like. Don’t agree with everything I wrote then, but a lot of it still holds true.

A burrowing little mole: the Welsh 3000s – my account of fell-running the Welsh 3000s through a storm.

Interference – whether you should interfere with the plans of other people on the hill

Face-licking-good bivvying – what happens when you bivvy in a big field and get woken up by a new friend

Endorsed products and looking rad – whether wanting to look like your climbing and mountaineering idols is a good thing

Get down on it – some facts about down feathers and why they are awesome

Flagship products – why manufacturers should continue making overpriced and limited-run garments that might hold no interest to you

Innovation and perfection – whether innovation in the outdoor industry will take us, and how much further it has to go

Bright is right – outdoor clothing should be bright, and this blog proves it

Grandaddy Ventile – Ventile’s still got a place in the outdoor market, read all about it here

Jottnar Vanir salopettes review – new kids on the block with a kick-ass pair of salo’s

Check your compass – just your compass really point north?

Why does Scotland feel so cold? – thousands of reads of this one, and lets you know just why -5 in Scotland feels like -20 in the Alps

The joys of fell running – a beginner’s guide to fell running

Running the Yorkshire 3 Peaks – an account of two beginners running the Yorkshire 3 Peaks

The North Face Verto S6K GTX boot review – awesome winter boots with the longest name around

Training for the New Alpinism review – Steve House’s new training bible review

Winter climbing woes? – after the worst Scottish winter season I can remember this was my thoughts

Gaiters or no gaiters: that is the question – are gaiters as unfashionable as you might think…?

Warm when wet – are Primaloft jackets really warm when wet?

Weighing your kit – a seminal post on weighing your kit, or at least I like to think so

Corrour and the Lochaber traverse trip report – my account of an attempt to do the Lochaber traverse on a day of dire weather

Guilty pleasures – is your kit cool enough? Does it matter?

What can hikers and runners learn from one another? – hikers and runners could learn a lot from sharing a beer or two…

Berghaus Trail Chase – inaugural Berghaus trail chase report, and a surprise result

How to keep cool – a post on how to stop you overheating

Help, my waterproof leaks! – does it really? Things to look out for

Hot drinks in winter – some of the benefits if you can be bothered to carry a flask

Baselayer science – possibly the best post on the net about baselayer science. Biased? Not me…?

The protection/comfort fabric tradeoff – a big table showing how increasing protection decreases comfort

Scottish winter layering systems – the ronseal of posts. My clothing’s changed a bit since this post, but it’s a good system in here.

In defence of fleeces – why fleeces are still awesome

Making the most of winter – getting out while you can and getting stuff done whatever the weather

Make or Break book review – Dave Macleod’s book on climbing injuries is awesome. Read all about it.

Changes afoot – I got a job and finished my PhD. Yeah.

Expedition clothing kitlist – I went to the Karakoram to climb virgin 6000m peaks. Here’s the clothing I took.

Three weeks to go – a quick rundown of the expedition progress

Expedition equipment kitlist – some of the stuff I took to India. A good basic kitlist of technical gear for expeditions.

Blowin’ in the wind – what the wind means to your thermal comfort and why it matters

Tips from an expedition neophyte part 1 – some stuff I learnt in India

Tips from an expedition neophyte part 2 – more stuff I learnt in India

Waffle fabrics – why waffle or grid fabrics, and mesh baselayers, are awesome